OMC industry co., limited, which was founded by an expert team, has been manufacturing and  exporting FTTX cabling products since 2007. We focus on providing innovative and integrated FTTX cabling solutions for a variety of applications/Networks. Our capabilities include product/solution design, development, enhancement and integration. Our products are among the highest performing in the industry and truly represent the best values in the industry. We help you select the right products for your Optical network’s needs.


Quality is life of OMC. Our firm commitment is to deliver world class product to our customers and forever exceed their expectations. We also offer Solid after sales support i.e. 3 years product warranty under no conditions


OMC treat our customers, suppliers, and employees as our respectable partners. We very happy to share our success with them. Offering best products to our customers, Long-term/Loyal partnership to our supplier and good salary/welfare to our employees. OMC also spare no effort to care our society and environment. With a grateful heart, OMC will go firmly to the bright way that we are longing for.


We hereby gather in OMC, with plentiful passion and professional techniques to service customers all over the world.

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